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Introductory Class-
  Introductory classes are designed to introduce you to the studio, basic etiquette and protocol, and an overview of our classes. 

Little Dragons- The Little Dragons class is designed for 4-6 year olds.    The Little Dragons class is designed to build coordination, listening skills, discipline, safety skills, respect, and confidence all while learning the basic karate skills. 

Kids Karate The Kids Karate class is designed for 7-12 year olds.  Kids Karate is a class designed especially for children to attend on their own without a parent being in class.  The independence of being on their own will continue their development of karate skills, self-esteem, and confidence. All belts welcome.

Family Classes    The family that kicks together sticks together!  Family classes are designed for children and parents to learn simultaneously.  These classes are designed primarily for the children, which gives the children the opportunity to watch their parents learn and apply the techniques taught helping to make the parents a role model in the eyes of the child.  Parents are welcome to also attend the Adult classes.

  • Beginner White belts through Purple belts
  • Intermediate Orange belts through Green belts

Adults   The Adult class is designed to help adults relieve stress from their everyday lives by giving them a structured karate curriculum that allows them to set and achieve goals.  Participant will further develop their coordination, and confidence through the art of karate.  . 

Red and Black Belt Class   The Red and Black Belt class is designed for the serious student who is committed to obtain his/her black belt in the Chuck Norris System. Black belts continue to be pushed in their skills so they may advance in the black belt curriculum to become more proficient in the art of karate.


Click here to view our schedule for class days/times

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